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Yoga is the technology for arriving in this present moment. It is a means of waking up from our spiritual amnesia, so that we can remember all the we already know. It is a way of remembering our true nature, which is essentially joyful and peaceful. Yoga is also a science that incorporates a broad range of practices and techniques that can be tailored and adapted to best suit your personal constitution and personality. We are not asked to believe anything until we have experimented, tested, and found our direct experience to be sound. The great paradox of this ‘work’ is that there is no reward to strive towards, because the practice is the reward. In the very moment you focus your attention by coming back into your body, your breath, and your immediate sensate reality, you will experience a deep sense of vibrant stillness.

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The physical practice of yoga is designed to allow our bodies to sit for a meditation practice with greater ease. Meditation can be anywhere and anytime to meet yourself where you are without censorship or judgment. The point is to be in the immediate moment by being in the here and now, that brings a sense of peace. Mediation is the way in which we come to feel our basic inseparability from the whole universe- and what the requires is that we – shut up.  Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived and the immediate moment.

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The chakra system is an ancient metaphysical system that diagrams the interrelationship between various aspects of our multidimensional universe. We have bodies, emotions, thoughts, ideas, actions. We live in a world with communities and government, technology and history, and we ponder the mysteries of earth and sky, spirit and matter, here and hereafter. We are as complex as the world around us. The chakra system addresses that complexity in a simple and systematic way. We can ‘work on ourselves’ in a step by step fashion- a way that is practical and direct, yet profound.

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