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Whats up with this thing in the sky anyways, we see it at night and we see it at daylight, we can watch the phases and notice the weather patterns change with every full moon. This beautiful bright thing is something I can appreciate in all its phases, and the wonder is, even without humanity it would still rise and fall, still change the tides, and shift the energies. And that puts me in awe.

The cycles of the moon have historically been regarded as a sort of compass for self-reflection; with the unending ebb from night to light, the moon acts as a routine reminder that we are guided by months and seasons, a system of order and natural rhythm that exist outside of ourselves.

So why not connect, why not align yourself with the powers of this universe. Its epic, it’s real, there is no denying how perfect everything must be for us to survive and thrive. Keep this moon close to you- by knowing what phases its in, by shifting with its energies by setting intentions and letting go of all the things that no longer serve you. Bring yourself back into the now- always, and appreciate all that you have- and enjoy the sight of watching the sun give light to the moon- and how the sun never asks for anything in return.

Love and light


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