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Chakras- This realm is were it all began for me. I was so intrigued with this realm, thirsty for knowledge I knew nothing about. It was a time where i bought book after book, reading all night and grasping things that made perfect sense to me. I had found something in life I was meant to explore. I collected crystals, practiced my yoga even hard, meditated to a new level, cared for my body to align my chakras. I want to share with you this fabric that has pivoted my life and kept me aware. Chakras. Chakras are an energy system, some refer to it as energy wheels, spirals, or disk that do no have a physical form but aligns within out physical body. We have seven major chakras starting from the tail bone to the crown of the head. Each chakras connects to an organ. Seventh chakra Cerebral cortex Top of the head Sixth chakra Carotid plexus Brow Fifth chakra Pharyngeal plexus Throat Fourth chakra Cardiac plexus Heart Third chakra solar plexus Second chakra Sacral plexus Abdomen, genitals First chakra coccygeal plexus Base of spine So the thing that always played with my focus and attention is keeping these chakras balanced- Its constant work. Just like the body- always working in way we will barely be able to comprehend with how much actually goes on and always bringing us to a natural state while fighting viruses or working through that cupcakes we just fed ourselves even though the body has no use for it. The chakras are working simultaneously to remain balanced. Even when we fall in love and the heart chakra spins the fastest then the rest or if we are a public speaker and the throat chakra is over worked- the energy desires to be in balanced but it takes constant work within ourselves. Up, down, in and out, excess and deficiency. These are all aspects that need to be balanced as you examine the energy body running through your chakra system. If you experience stress over time but do not release or express it appropriately, you can become excessive. If the manifesting current becomes blocked, then you might find yourself ‘living in your head’ and ignoring you body, having wonderful ideas but never finishing your projects. If the liberating current is blocked, you might find yourself repeating unconscious, compulsive habits without understanding why certain patterns persist. You are an energy being- you have an energy field. To heal ourselves, take care of ourselves we must know ourselves. Every chakra on its own it like going into a secret garden thats an entire universe unto itself. Answers are found here like a window to your soul- This is powerful stuff right here- your body and your energetic fields is always looking for that balance point. Your system resonates with the law of nature. If you would like to learn more i’ll recommend: Anodea Judith- Wheels of Life, Eastern body Western Mind. Vibe on

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