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This full moon I allow myself to set new intentions. I release that which no longer serves me, all emotional pain and blocked energies. I release myself from all internal and external obstacles that have masked me from my higher self. In this present moment and all other moments I let go of any guilt, blame, and self destructive energies by releasing them back into the light. I cut all cords to energies, promises and soul contracts that no longer allow me to live in the highest frequency available to me. Breathing deeply I allow myself this moment to set new soul intentions that will align me with my highest and purest self. This full moon I make a promise to myself to accept guidance and hold only energies that serve my higher self. All is well, All will be well And so it is. I KEEP THE WATERS PURE From an elemental standpoint, water is represented as the realm of emotion, the subconscious, and intuition. Alchemically speaking, water is ‘feeling,’ which finds a relationship to earth as ‘sensation,’ and through a connection of these elements, a structured thought is presented. In holding the intention of ‘ I Keep the Waters Pure,’ we look beyond the element to water as the metaphor. As water is a life force that is ever-present, fluent in lunar language as it moves with the tides, and the symbolic representation of the subconscious mind. The path of self-inquiry and intuition into higher levels of though and experience asks the self to make the unconscious conscious by exploring the abyss of the subconscious mind. Purification first comes through identification, and in diving deep into the water of uncharted darkness, the process of transformation begins. The depths of the subconscious may show us our demons, such as fear, hatred, and anger, which in turn manifest in the material world through detrimental action like fanaticism and ignorance. As we look into this reflection pool of unresolved trauma, we must be reminded that all we will ever see looking back is our own reflection. It is through finding love for the unresolved trauma, giving light to the darkness, and allowing the beating of our heart to transmute the images of the past that we can clearly visualize what is possible and move forward fluidly. This beauty-your essence- is pure expression of truth, which can only spring from a cleansed subconscious. Pure beauty hydrates the soul and reflects light in every wave. Our nightmares then become dreams, fear becomes love, hatred becomes acceptance, anger becomes passion, and ignorance becomes awareness. With a light heart and purified mind. In making the unconscious conscious, each ripple of purity expands into the collective, allowing for a more fluid evolution to flow forward with a feather heart- connected to all but attached to no thing.

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