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From source to creation and back again

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

We are not just physical, we are sprit and sprit is infinte.

everything is a unified coherent whole- all forces, particles and light are one.

- the perfect 'I AM'

Before we came into existence we had to come from somewhere, a singularity that was infinitely dense and tiny - at this point time did not exist. In the tree of life- this is shown on the top- called the crown- the centre point of creation.

The second point on the tree called wisdom coincides with the initial spark beginning to expand from the singularity - the quantum potential exploded out- what was actually expanded is 'space time ' itself.

what does all that mean? well -the simplest analogy-

In the liquid state water is uniform and smooth but as it freezes tiny ice crystals begin to form -breaking the uniformity- when the water completely freezes we can see cracks, bubbles and crystals- the water symmetry is then broken. the molecules rearrange themselves into a new formation, as they come to a new order -excess energy releases and the system stabilizes. what shatters at this step?

unity itself is what shatters.

- this first cause leads to the expansion of space time. According to Einstein general relativity -space time variation are equivalent to gravitational forces. The unity is broken by this expansion and gravity splits off to become its own entity while the other forces remain unified and symmetric. this means all light and matter are still unified and formless.

as space time expands the quantum potential flows in.

The third point of the tree is related to 'understanding.'

Here we can imagine a bunch a seeds being planted in space time. Physically as the universe continues to expand and cool- which causes a second face change or symmetry breaking- this force breaking into two- separating strong and weak photons. In other words- rather then being perfectly smooth- right from the very beginning there are variations, causing cosmic seeds. including all elements we are made of. meaning patterns are being repeated on every scale.

This established the first archetypal forms. with this third point of the tree of life we form the first sacred geometry of the triangle. masculine force- feminine form and unity/ balance.

The dynamic dance of energy between these three pillars- the generative system of all creation

This is the formula.

Nikola Tesla once said-

'can man control this greatest most awe- inspiring of all process in nature? if he could do this. he would have powers almost unlimited and super natural. he could express all the creations of his mind and any scale in forms concrete and impreshable.'


contemplate that one


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