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Grounding Breath

Just breath, inhale-exhale. Its one thing to be breathing- but have you ever just sat with your breath- know when you are inhaling-and know when you exhaling. Visualizing that oxygen entering into your body and filling up all four corners of your being-and exhaling-releasing all things that dont serve you.

Staying with your breath like this-with that mind set- over and over and over again being oh so conscious of your breath- might be harder then it seems. BREATH WORK call it! Its a thing I'm into it I like it- because its a challenging practice- you know- your mind wanders all around and you find yourself deep in the past-or deep in the future- then suddenly losing the present moment-reminding yourself to come back to the breath. Emotions rise up to different thoughts-sensation your body come towards the surface. Feelings can be impulsive and they might not represent how you REALLY feel. Sometimes one might feel moody, so just take a deep breath and now what you might be feeling -sad-angry-happy and then just let it pass with each deepening breath you take. If one can allow emotions to flow without becoming attached to them, you might find it easier to react to the things that are happening around. example- COVID. its sooooooo out of our control- so why try- let it go- and breath- and focus at what you have in front of you. Recognizing that our feelings have tendency to come and go lets us respond to them in healthier ways. Our emotions can be highly charged and can sometimes bring us on an emotional roller-coaster (I’m speaking with experience on that one). Just know that this has a tendency to occur, however, helps us focus on something that is stable, something that can ground us, such as our breath! Each breath gives our minds a point of focus and brings calming and neutral energy into our being, allowing us to see that our emotions are simply a reflection of our mind. BY USING YOUR BREATH TO GROUND YOU, you will be able to cope with greater ease.

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