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Living Luxurious

Walk into your living space-work space and start from one corner to the next-moving every item you own and placing it back with new cleansed energy. This brings the desire of a more luxury and abundance into your surroundings. Maybe within this process you’ll find yourself redecorating your living space or creating a more peaceful atmosphere in your work space. One good way to do this is by minimizing and simplifying your surroundings. If you have crowded areas of clutter that make you feel overwhelmed or sluggish, ask yourself if these items are adding value to your life or taking up your space. Consider each item carefully and determine whether it's worth holding onto or you can easily let it go. Once you've cleared out the unnecessary, consider investing in some closed cabinets or organizers that will store your treasured items away neatly and discreetly. By removing clutter and excess from our surroundings, we invite a calm flow of energy that encourages feelings of serenity and luxury. Our desire for luxurious surroundings can often urge us to purchase expensive items, but too many of them can create the opposite effect. If we instead let go of items that no longer serve us and become more organized with the items we want to keep, we clear our surroundings of stagnant energy. This encourages an unobstructed flow of abundant energy that improves our mental, emotional, and physical states, as well as attracts a greater sense of abundance, which is what we initially sought with our desire for luxury. The luxurious sense of expansion you crave can be created by instead clearing your surroundings of chaos and clutter.

The Item that you do choose to keep within your space becomes sacred to you, they have a purpose and positive emotional response. The aftermath of living in the new space reflects the soul- cleansed and fresh - the feelings a new. With the full moon still in effect clearing out physical items no longer appreciated brings room for more to manifest.

Vibe on!

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