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Are you loving yourself first and most in every moment? Your love life depends on it. You know this! It’s not new information- Loving yourself that is. Why? Well, how do you want someone else to love you depends on how you love yourself. So if you want love, if you want magic, something epic, something stellar, then you better be doing the work to yourself and expect everything you desire to come into fruition.

Here’s how- let’s say you have dry lips, what would you do? Lip balm obviously. That’s nourishing yourself in an area of need. So with a dry soul how would you nourish- with words, the words you use are very powerful! I know this and you know this. Words are powerful! I’ll say it now and a million times after. If you every hang around me you already know I’ve stopped you in your tracks if you speak in a negative way.

So we have to speak positive words in the present tense. Its why I always say ‘be here now’. I won’t say ‘one day i’ll be loved’ I’ll say ‘I am loved, now’ because I want it now, not later, not tomorrow or the day before, but now. So everything you say to yourself will be in the present moment.

I am lovable

I am beautiful

I am honourable

I am stellar

I am authentic

I am intelligent

Say all that and more about yourself

My eyes sparkle

My smile is electric

I heart is beautiful

And when you say this please believe it because it is true. You need to believe it to be true to know you will be giving it back by another if that is what you wish for.

And everything else that doesn’t serve you, all the limited beliefs, all the doubts and fears- smash that shit- delete it, shatter it! Let it go. Don’t hold on to anything that is not for your greatest good, it will hold you back and keep you stagniate.

Keep yourself in alignment with who you are and believe it. Look in the mirror and speak words of wisdom to yourself and watch the world around you change.

Love and light


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