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Why Myths

Have you ever wondered where these mythologies came from, what does this story tell us? We can ask so many things about these stories but lets first ask why mythology. Why does humanity have them.

Mythology gives meaning, significance, a touch to the eternal, understand the mysterious, to find out who and what we are and where we came from. In essence we are only seeking a experience of being alive. The life experience that we have on a purely physical plan with a resonance in our inner most being and reality so that we feel the true capture of being alive. Myths are clues to the spiritual potentiality of the human life. Note that god is a thought, an idea- but his reference is what transcends all.

Myths is that field of reference, metaphors referring to what is transcendent. What cant be known or named except in our own attempts to clothe it in language and that ultimate word in our language for that which is transcended is god.

It was Heraclitus, I think, who said for god all things are good and right and just -but for man some things are right and others are not. But who are we to really judge. It was that religious beliefs that if you are not baptised you are a sinner, all are in a dark shadow without even a chance. It is this myth that we are born sinners, but common.

What people want and what the soul is asking for is a way of experiencing the world in which we are living to open and transcend and be informed when we are in it. This place of going beyond our human limits. But not only to find it but to find it actually. In our environment, in our world and recognize it. To have some and of instruction that will enable us to see the divine presence in the world and in us.

The creator is present in the whole world, ‘ I see that I am this creation say the god or when you see that god says he is the creation and then you are a creature, well, the god is within you and the man your talking to also. And so in such a realization one could let go of the past and future are experience this divine ordered of life through and only through a here and now.

Hence the serpent who throws away the past with every shed of its skin just like the moon that’s sheds its shadow every month.

But lets remember now, all you readers- life is terrible, it’s a place of live to kill to eat to survive, and the way 2019 2023 just unfolded it is increasingly getting more shitty and stupid, sorry to say but look around, do you even know where your food is coming from anymore or if organic really means organic. But that’s not to say optimism is a waste of energy. In the Hindu sayings ‘ all universe is divine’ – how could we sat no to brutality, to stupidity, to vulgarity, to thoughtlessness- again who are we mortals- to judge?

This is one of the greatest teachings of jesus.

Eternity is that dimension of here and now, not a forever or a very long time or a epochs after epochs. But of a dimension of here and now, meaning cut time.

This is it, if you don’t get it here, you wont get it anywhere and I’m not talking about the physical plan, you wont get it after life- you’ll be in too much awe of the god that you didn’t experience the humanness that you had. So the experience of eternity is right here and now it is the function of life.

The Buddhist have a formula for this bodhisattva- the one whose being sattva is, illumination, bodhi, who realizes his identity with eternity and at the same time his participation in time, and the attitude is not to withdraw from the world when you realize how horrible it is, but to realize that this horror is simply the foreground of a wonder. And to come back and participate in it, life is sorrowful but bliss.

All of this is the way it has to be and it is a manifestation of the eternal presence in the world. Anything that ends, love, life, it is painful, pain is a part of the reason of why there is a world. Life is a wonderful wonderful opera, except that it hurts. The hero is the one who can participate in it decently, in the way of nature, not personal rancor or revenge.

Okay, so when myths are read there is a sense of wonder of human imagination- simply groping to try and understand this existence.

Mythology = homeland of the muses+ inspires of art + inspirers of poetry

So just view life as a poem and yourself participating in the poem. By poem- meaning life- acts of adventure which is connotative of action so you can always feel in accord with the tapestry of the universe.

Every mythology, every religion has their truth, they are told with symbols, with stories but as feeling beings, we know and we can not take everything in a literal state. Myths have a metaphorical of human and cosmic mystery, but when it gets stuck to the metaphor than you’re in trouble. Have this sense of seeing and feeling the essence of what the myths have for the being you are and make it relevant to the life you are in now, actually here and now. With most myths when studying them with an open mind and an open heart you just might know you have all the gods, all the heavens and all the worlds within you. Myth is a manifestation in symbolic images, metaphorical images of energies within us.

There is a world out there, the pain can feel like it is coming from out side us, we can play the victim card so easily because we see the problems as outside sources but we are the source of them. Once we are aware and know what is within us and how we manifested this outside horror we can play the game and change the outcomes to serve the destiny that has been written in out stars.

What about children? What should they be told, what should they know from ancient times that is no longer relevant to this fast past world?

Children who have this fixed star, this upper world heavenly life that is above humanity allows their soul to capture the essence of the cosmic powers, it is to give them known horizon on where to look. And myths sustain that for children.

The myths has to provide of life instruction, the pedagogical aspect of myth- it has to give life models. And the models have to be appropriate to the possibilities of the time their living in, and life and times are always changing and changing so fast. So the virtutes of the past are the vices of today and many of what we thought to be the vices of the past are the necessities of today and the moral order has to catch up with the moral necessities of actual life in the time of here and now. And that is the reason why it is ridiculous to go back to old way of doing things but to harness the beauty of what was once to the energies of the now and cultivate a world of relevance. The individual has to find the aspect of myth that has to do with the conduct of his or her life.

I’ll finish it off with 4 services myths give us.

1. Opening world to the dimension of mystery

2. Cosmological aspect of myths seeing that mystery as manifest through all things.

3. Sociological one of validating and maintaining a certain society – ethical law

4. Pedagogical function- how to live a human lifetime under any circumstances

Myths can tell us this.

Bliss is now

Here is the place to have the experience.

Here and now

Love and light


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