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Evaluate Key Processes and Departments in Your Business

There are several areas you can review in your company to make sure your company's workflow and business reevaluation plans are on target. Of course, this means working with the appropriate departments to ensure a smooth transition to permanent changes in practice, completing your business plan, and any other pivots or transitions you make. Here are the main departments to review.

Human Resources

It's important to work with the people who manage your staff to keep employees informed about updates, policy changes, business objectives, and more. If you are integrating Crunchy Coach for the first time, making remote working a permanent option, changing social media policies, or implementing other adaptations that have a direct impact on your team's employee training and day-to-day needs, your HR team should be involved in managing these communications.

To do so, you should review and update your existing employee handbooks and templates . Employees must be aware of and understand workplace policy changes, so we recommend sending communications highlighting changes and new requirements. After you have updated and submitted your employee handbook, ask your staff to acknowledge and initialize that they have received and read the new guidelines.

Information Technology Department

Your IT staff is an important department when changing your business plan. As your company grows, so will your needs for data storage, bandwidth, and cybersecurity as well as hardware and software. This is even more important if you have remote team members and use a cloud service for your data.

Make sure your technology is up to date, especially security services such as antivirus software. Discuss potential security breaches with your IT team to establish standards and rules governing the use of technology by your employees to prevent accidents. For example, storing corporate, and even personal, credit card data online can harm your business. Providing employees with a simple list of what technology should and shouldn't do can protect your company's security.

Marketing and Communication Operations

Improving your business plan can help you feel comfortable, but periods of change and transition may be difficult for investors, customers, or your team . This is an important period to work with your marketing and communications department to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that these changes are nothing to fear.

If the thought of communicating key business policies makes you nervous, remember that you have already weathered the challenges of a global pandemic. The lessons you learn from communicating during a crisis will be invaluable now. Remember to stay calm and clear, and be consistent with your message.

The most important rule of corporate communication is to treat all your stakeholders equally. It extends beyond employees and customers to external audiences, potential partners, and perhaps even governments. Staying on top of solid, professional, and assertive communication will enhance your company's brand by building professionalism and trust. You can also view email delivery conferences .


Your procurement department is likely to have many challenges in 2020 that may lead to challenges or unexpected expenses. Re-evaluating your procurement process can help your business function more optimally, saving you time and money. It can also help promote a higher quality customer experience.

Establish your current procurement procedures and check for weaknesses. If your supply chain is in trouble during the pandemic, now is a good time to address what went wrong and take steps to prevent future problems. You may want to re-evaluate your vendor right now, understanding that some things may be beyond their ability to fix.


As mentioned with social or cultural values being just as important to today's business models as traditional finance for investing and spending. However, finance and accounting departments often face challenges that can prevent your company from saving costs. This is especially true if you implemented temporary measures during the pandemic that have now disappeared or become permanent.

Take the time to review outstanding balance, billing, and transaction reports in your finance department. You may need to revisit and readjust priorities if high ticket costs are now part of your budget, such as expensive post-COVID cleanup requirements. This item may require you to adjust your future cash flow needs.


As your company grows and the market changes, you may need to add more staff to properly manage and guide your company through these changes. While legality and compliance are critical, it is important to hire leaders who are experienced in successful corporate transitions. Make sure that each new executive fits into your company culture and be bold and honest about the changes you make.



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